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Emily Edwards

35 years old

Mother of 4

My name is Emily and I began my pursuit of becoming a pilot in the Spring of 2020. As all of you know, Spring of 2020 was when the national lock down from Covid-19 started. I own a small bow tie business and because of the lock down, I didn’t have many bow tie orders coming in for Proms, Graduations, Weddings, etc. All those things were being cancelled. This presented me with some extra time on my hands, especially since everything was shutting down anyway. I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance with what I should do with my time. With Covid-19 in full effect, I was concerned for several missionaries I know in different parts of the world. The Lord impressed upon me to learn to fly for Him. I want to become a pilot so I can help mission work and missionaries. He presented me with an opportunity to learn to fly with RiseAero. RiseAero was my answer to my prayer. I jumped right into ground school and spent my summer learning the ends and outs of aviation. Now, I am just a few weeks away from my private pilot check ride and I couldn’t be happier with my training that I have received and will continue to receive at RiseAero. My plan is to go straight into IFR certification after my Private and then continue on up. My faith in Jesus is the driving force in my life and I know this path is what God’s plan is for me right now. I am grateful to RiseAero for helping me accomplish this goal.


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