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The journey of flying typically begins with the Private Pilot Certificate. By receiving your Private Pilots Certificate you will have mastered the fundamentals of airmanship, navigation, and communication.


Probably the most thrilling and satisfying of all the pilot ratings, the Private Pilot can fly virtually anywhere under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) while taking passengers along for the adventure.

Instructional Areas Covered

Pre Solo Flight Training (FAR 61.87)


  • Preflight

  • Taxi and Surface Operations

  • Normal and Crosswind TOL's

  • Straight and Level Flight

  • Climbing & Descending Turns

  • Traffic Patterns

  • Descents w & w/o Turns Using High & Low Drag

  • Flights @ Various Airspeeds

  • Stall Recovery from the First Indication & Full Stall

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Go Around Maneuvers

  • Post Flight


The student will become proficient in all maneuvers listed in FAR 61.107 and Private Pilot ACS along with all knowledge areas in FAR 61.105 to include:

  • Ground Reference Maneuvers

  • Traffic Patterns

  • Performance TOL's

  • Steep Turns

  • Slow Flight

  • Power Off & Power On Stalls

  • Instrument Maneuvers

  • Emergency Operations 

  • Post Flight


Cross Country Flights

The student will become proficient in all areas listed in FAR 61.93 and 61.109 to include:

  • Cross Country Flight Planning 

  • Use of Aeronautical Charts and Dead Reckoning 

  • Weather

  • Traffic Pattern Entries & Departures

  • Collision Avoidance

  • Instrument/GPS Operations

  • Radio Communications

  • Climbs at Vx and Vy

  • Control of Airplane Solely by Reference to Flight Instruments

  • Solo Cross Country

Check-ride Prep

The student will be proficient in all areas of FAR 61.105, 61.107, 61.109

Eligibility Requirements for Private Pilot Certificate


  • 17 years of age

  • Third Class Medical Certificate

  • Pass FAA Written Exam

  • Log training in all prescribed areas of the FARR

  • Successfully demonstrate proficiency with an FAA approved pilot examiner 

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