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Probably the most challenging rating for any pilot to achieve is the Instrument Rating. It is also the best training and experience to have in order to make sure you can safely make decisions about handling and flying into poor weather conditions.

Encouraged for both the career or private-oriented pilots, receiving the Instrument Rating demonstrates you have the ability to fly an aircraft in many types of weather under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). You will also learn to fly within the Air Traffic Control environment.

Instructional Areas Covered


  • Meteorology

  • ATC Procedures

  • Departures/En route/Arrivals

  • NDB Approaches

  • VOR Approaches

  • GPS Approaches ILS/LOC/PAR/ASR

  • Instruments/Systems

  • Flight Planning

  • Emergency Procedures


Eligibility Requirements for Instrument Rating


  • Private Pilot Certificate

  • Cessna Ground Instruction Course

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